About Us

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Food Packaging Products Company

We are industry professionals with a broad knowledge of the US market and customer demands with our manufacturing capabilities. At APS, we strongly believe in the importance of delivering high-quality and price-competitive products with reliable and on-time delivery service.

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What We Offer

With various dependable and experienced suppliers, we provide packaging solutions for small to large companies. With our vast product range, we can cover all your packaging needs.

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High-Quality Products

Our products are manufactured in highly efficient and technologically advanced facilities that guarantee only the best possible quality.

Production Facilities


  • Is awarded certifications such as ISO 9002, AIB (American Institute of Baking), GMP/HACCP

  • Uses FDA approved raw materials on all food packaging products

  • Uses all high-tech, high-speed, and high-precision equipment

  • Has over 30 years experience in the business

  • Serves many satisfied customers from small local businesses to multi-national companies in the US and worldwide.

  • Vertically manufactures everything in-house from film extrusion, plate and cylinder making to printing and bag making