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Films & Bags
Vacuum Pouches & Lidding Films

Vacuum Pouches & Lidding Films

Up to 7 Layers co-extruded films for food packaging

Very high barrier films and bags co-extruded with materials such as NYLON, EVOH, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, etc.

Provides your product barrier properties such as gas and aroma barrier, water vapor barrier, higher sealing, optical and mechanical properties, better machine performance and a long shelf life

Areas Used

  • Processed meat

  • Cheese

  • Fresh bread

  • Fresh and smoked fish & meat

  • Sauces

  • Nuts & Dried fruit

  • Fresh pasta

  • Pharmaceutical products

General Properties :

  • Gas, (O2 CO2, N2), Water vapor and aroma barrier

  • No dangerous monomers or additives

  • Excellent sealing strength

  • Perfect mechanical properties and higher performance for automatic packaging machines

  • Chemical resistance to oil, basic or acidic solutions and the normal food ingredients

  • Peelable if required.

  • Can be printed up to 10 colors.

  • U.V. protection and Anti-fog additives

Advantages :

  • Longer shelf life

  • Total insulation from external contaminants and pathogenic agents

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